Sinds de oprichting in Europa in de jaren 1930, heeft de Invicta Watch Group continu gezorgd voor nieuwe horloges die met de tijd meegaan. Echter, de productie en verkoop filosofie van de oprichter bleef ongewijzigd. De filosofie is de prijs van Invicta Zwitserse horloges, gemaakt met hoogwaardige componenten, binnen het bereik van de gemiddelde kopers, en niet alleen de rijken. Jaaromzetten Invicta van meer dan $ 50 miljoen weerspiegelen van het bedrijf’s succesvolle productie en prijzen formule.


Betaalbare luxe

Een Zwitserse horlogemaker met de naam Raphael Picard creëerde het eerste Invicta mechanische kronkelende horloge in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Zwitserland in 1937. Picard had besloten om heren-en dames horloges van onberispelijke kwaliteit te produceren in een selectie van automatische en kronkelende stijlen.

La Chaux-de-Fonds

Picard heeft een weloverwogen keuze in La Chaux-de-Fonds als zijn uitvalsbasis, want het is goed gelegen voor de handel, die dicht bij de Zwitserse grens met Frankrijk, en bekend om zijn horloge-en kant-industrie en expertise. La Chaux-de-Fonds is ook de thuisbasis van een aantal andere bekende horlogemerken, met inbegrip van Movado, Omega, TAG Heuer en Gallet. De Internationale Horlogerie Museum (Musee International d’Horlogerie) is ook in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

 Onoverwinnelijk = INVICTA

Picard heeft bewust de keuze  genomen in de  naam “Invicta”, die “onoverwinnelijk” betekent in het Latijn. De naam bleek profetisch, daar Invicta horloges blijkbaar meteen verkoopsucces bereiken. Kopers prijzen de kwaliteit van de Invicta horloges, die werden beschouwd als op een lijn met verschillende naam-merk horloges, maar kosten aanzienlijk minder. Picard heeft daarmee het doel bereikt dat hij zich had voorgenomen.

 Uitdagende tijden

Tijdens de jaren 1970 kregen Invicta horloges te maken met zware concurrentie van de opkomst van de quartz horloges. Hoewel Invicta horloges redelijk geprijsd werden voor kopers op zoek naar een top-kwaliteit producten, quartz horloges waren iets nieuws, en veel goedkoper in vergelijking. Naar verluidt was er een moment waarop Invicta dicht bij kwam  om de productie stil te leggen.


Onoverwinnelijkheid, dat was van het bedrijf het handelsmerk van de filosofie, Invicta had een manier gevonden om terug te keren met nieuwe kansen, door het creëren van horloges gemaakt van zeldzame materialen alsook de gebruikelijke hoge niveau van vakmanschap. Een voorbeeld is de Limited Edition Subaqua NOMA, die door een meteoriet steen wijzerplaat wordt gekenmerkt. Het Invicta merk verwierf een goede plaats in het hart van verzamelaars. Voor mannen is er de Invicta Signature Limited Edition Pave Diamond Pro Diver, en voor vrouwen, de Invicta Women’s II Collection Limited Edition Diamond Two-Tone Watch, onder anderen.

 Nieuwe eigenaar

De Picard familie behield eigendom van het bedrijf tot 1991, toen Invicta werd gekocht door de Amerikaanse investeringsmaatschappij. Het hoofdkantoor en de Invicta service center werden verplaatst van Zwitserland naar Hollywood, Florida. De uurwerken zijn nog steeds van Zwitserse kwaliteit. Deze nieuwe eigenaar zet het merk sterk voort op de manier waarop de Picard familie dit jaren heeft gedaan. Invicta is met de inversteringsmaatschappij achter zich nu een van de sterkste merken ter wereld.



Mission Statement

We have held firm to the belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for modest sums. This belief is the founding principal of our flagship and still drives us today. By honoring our convictions, we continue to turn the balance of power for all those who desire it and deliver true timing mastery. May all those who possess our timepieces and pass through our doors experience the quality, value and care in every piece we create as well as the spirit of never-ending possibilities in everything we do.



Invicta has set a timing precedent as masters of case complications. We have taken the meticulous art of case construction to new levels. The expertise and execution in design and case construction is intrinsic to our innovative reputation and style.

Still privately owned and operated, our founding principle and ideology resides at the core of all Invicta creations. In setting a criteria for exceptional standards, Invicta maintains their objective by successfully satisfying consumers and collectors alike at any price point.



Technical achievement expressed through ingenious design, seamlessly turns fans into dedicated collectors. Over half of Invicta consumers own 10 or more Invictas while we gain over 100,000 new such collectors annually. Because of this growth and the excitement generated amongst our collectors, we have created the Invicta Collectors Club. The Invicta Collector’s Club offers the loyal treatment for our most dedicated collectors. When a collector joins, they receive a sought after favorite, the Invicta High Impact Dive Case as well as access to special promotions designed specifically with our members in mind.




Utilizing high-quality materials generally found only in high-priced brands, Invicta generated tremendous intrigue winning over enthusiasts and retailers while confounding competitors. From skeletonized movements to a unique gold layering technique to exceptional construction, Invicta has become one of the most technically capable watchmakers in the world.



Our most notable is the Jason Taylor for Invicta collection. The collaboration between Invicta and Jason Taylor has resulted in a captivating range of options for the discerning customer that has enhanced our collection base. This collection is Limited Edition and offers reimagined concepts in timekeeping created by Jason Taylor and the Invicta design team. New designs, as well as existing masterpieces have been carefully selected and modified by Jason to capture his unique style and aesthetic.


Award winning

Our evolving standards along with original concepts and execution in design are intrinsic aspects to the range of capability demonstrated in the performance and look of each watch. With more than 30 collections, Invicta is fully equipped to suit the most particular and diverse of tastes. With such a selection, we always aim to achieve creative and technical revelations from different points of view. Our collections embody an accomplished collective of engineering and design.



Latin for 'Invicible', Invicta is led by innovation and nurtured with the consistency of quality and brand personality. Founded more than a century ago in 1837 in Chiasso, Switzerland, with the belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for modest sums, Invicta holds true to this objective today. Originally crafting mechanical and automatic timepieces, Invicta, like most brands of the time all but disappeared during the quartz movement in the 1970’s.After being re-established in the early 1990's, the forward thinking energy of The Invicta Watch Group continues its brazen journey. In 2000 we focused on designing a perfectly fitting, oversized timepiece. This focus delivered the professional dive watch, the Ocean Ghost, and the iconic Lupah collection. The brand has now grown to encompass over 30 diverse collections.

Invicta Watch Timeline of Achievement


Latin for 'invincible', Invicta is founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by Raphael Picard. Invicta handcrafts its first watches with the belief that fine Swiss timepieces could be offered at modest prices.
For more than a century, the company creates manual and automatic-winding pieces of exceptional design and construction. Then, like many Swiss brands of its day, the brand nearly disappears during the quartz revolution of the early '70s.

An inspired foreshadowing of the future, the USSR's Council of Labor and Defense commissions Invicta to create a Swiss-made watch exclusively for the officers of the naval fleet.Descendants of the Invicta family re-establish the brand and hold firm to the company's founding principles. With focused determination they position the brand to offer a large segment of the watch-buying public with unprecedented access to fine Swiss quality at prices well within their reach.


Invicta begins utilizing high quality materials like anti-reflective Sapphire crystals, Swiss made manual and automatic-winding movements. Its Pro Diver series with its jeweled automatic movements, high water-resistance and superior construction achieves a prominent status among collectors.The brand begins crafting its own calibers, which have evolved into Technica Swiss Ebauche. New complications include skeletonized movements and processes include a unique Swiss gold-layering technique. Invicta’s nonconformist attitude works its way into the design of the unisex Lupah Swiss Chronograph. With a patented oversized case, rounded crystal, distinctive dials and colorful straps, this line creates a major sensation.

Invicta is a member of a select group of watch brands officially certified by ETA to continue using its movements. The Invicta Watch Group evolves into one of the fastest growing watch companies and has helped spark a movement for bold Swiss timepieces at competitive prices.Invicta officially becomes the Invicta Watch Group and adds the S. Coifman brand to its stable.

The only remaining sample of the 1959 model crafted for the Russian Naval Fleet is discovered. Invicta carefully replicates the timepiece and the wildly popular Russian Diver collection is born introducing an impressive 60mm case diameter.Invicta establishes the Invicta Care Foundation. The non-profit charitable Invicta Care Foundation came to life in the hopes of improving it. With a dedicated interest in helping, serving and empowering those less fortunate, Care and its mission is an integral aspect of the core values held by Invicta Watch.

Invicta takes its place among the brands featured at the infamously exclusive international annual Baselworld show in Basel, Switzerland.The Invicta Edge of Space Watch Project: 36 Invicta timepieces were launched, unmodified, to the upper reaches of the stratosphere meeting the curvature of the Earth. At this altitude, the pressure, thermal, and radiation environment is nearly identical to that of outer space and at this altitude, the watches were thermally soaked for nearly 3 hours. Due to the near-vacuum environment, the watches then returned to Earth at supersonic speeds of Mach 1.

Invicta opens its 1st retail store at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, FL.The brand enjoys a year of profound achievement and recognition. Invicta is honored with the internationally prestigious Red Dot Award in Product Design for the Subaqua NOMA V. An internationally recognized quality seal for excellence, Red Dot only recognizes the finest and most innovative products.

Invicta releases the impressively designed and engineered, Bolt Zeus Tria. This mastermind timepiece is powered with a Swiss Quartz movement, a modified retrograde caliber that clocks 3 time zones with dials for each time zone located on either side of the solid stainless steel case.Invicta acquires the luxury brand, TechnoMarine.

Invicta opens its flagship store and 17th location in Times Square, New York City.In 2016 the Invicta Watch Group releases the next generation Subaqua, the Reserve NOMA IV. With exceptional engineering and construction, the screw down crown and pushers allow pressure depths up to 500 meters. When the crown and pushers become active, an internal aluminum signal warning plate is displayed through the individual 6 columns that guides and connects the top activation button to the bottom protective cocoon. Each crown and pusher is made of 9 carefully assembled pieces.